What is Internet Business Logic

Internet Business Logic is an advanced technology Wiki for knowledge in open vocabulary, executable English.

You can use it directly in your browser. You can also make it a component in your Service Oriented Architecture.

You can write specifications as English business rules, using your own words and phrases , and then run the rules directly as though they were a program.

When necessary, the system automatically generates and executes SQL queries and transactions over networked databases. The generated SQL can be too complex to be written by hand, but the system can give you business level English explanations of the results. You can also use the system to generate complex SQL for use in your own programs.

Please log in to the IBL demo ID at this site to see and run some examples, including Billing, Semantic Web, Supply Chain Management, and Financial applications. Please feel free to write and run your own examples too, by typing English business rules into a browser. You need not be a programmer, but some experience as a user of computers will help. Please see the online tutorials.

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