We are a privately held company, registered in California USA, doing business as "Executable English LLC"

The CTO of Executable English LLC is Dr. Adrian Walker. His experience includes:
  • Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

  • Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill New Jersey

  • Manager, Principles and Applications of Logic Programming, IBM Yorktown Heights Research Laboratory

  • Manager, Internet Development, Eventra (a manufacturing supply chain company)

Executable English LLC provides the Executable English platform, supporting flexible, self explaining programs, written in open vocabulary English.

To use the platform, simply point a browser to the home page .   Shared use is free.

We also provide:
  • Semantic Encoding, a method and system for compressing and securing the contents of relational databases that is immune from conventional cryptological attack (joint work with Professor Paul Benjamin). US patent number 6,691,132.

  • Confusion Encryption, a novel encryption method having the property that an attacker who finds a plausible plaintext from a ciphertext cannot know whether or not the plaintext is a correct decrypt.

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